Make It Safe

Make It Safe - New Laws For Blinds
For many years now, Grimsby Sunblinds have offered Child Safe options on our blinds with customers having a choice of options. Now, due to new Legal Requirements, all binds without exception must be fitted with current Child Safety options as standard. These can vary from blind to blind, but our engineers are up to date with the most recent standards and our advice is freely available.
What Does This Mean?
Certain blinds can now be made without the use of blind chains or cords, making them a much safer choice. Some blinds are still made with chains & cords and under new laws the the cord must be fitted at a certain height, though this does vary from blind to blind.
How Can You Make Existing Blinds Safer?
New blinds today have been tested and conform to the new requirements of the law, but older blinds will not meet the old requirements no matter what we do; but a range of cord tidy devices are available to help make your blinds safer, and are available from as little as 20p. Feel free to pop in and discuss options with us.

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