Remote Control Blinds

Remote Control

Welcome to our Remote Control Blinds Page. For the last 3 years we have been offering the remote control upgrade with great success and it’s gone down very well with our customers.

Over the last few years we have increased the types of blinds which can be remotely controlled, we now offer this on our Roller Blinds, Vision Blinds, Visage Blinds, Pleated Blinds & Double Roller Blinds.

our one touch remote control system comes with a lithium re-chargeable battery motor (Discreetly hidden inside the roller blind tube), a charger like you would use for a mobile phone and a smart modern handset to operate your blinds.

To upgrade to a remote control blind typically adds £90.00 onto the price of the first blind you have. Then each other blind you choose to motorise adds £75.00 per blind, the difference in price is due to another handset and charger not being needed.

Additional handsets and chargers can be purchased separately.


The feedback we’ve had over the years has found a fully charger blind may need charging after a couple of weeks, but on a whole most customers reported a full charge lasted 1-2 months.

The time between charging is dependent on the size of the blind and how much you use it.


Why Choose Remote Blinds

Simple and convenient to use.

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Child safe as operating cords and chains are no longer necessary.

Remote control that can be used anywhere in the room to operate up to 14 blinds off one handset.



Remote Blinds

Remote Control Blinds

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