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Wooden Blinds in Grimsby restaurant

Real wooden blinds are extremely practical, and particularly suited to the style of Venetian blinds. It is the ideal choice of material for blinds if you’re looking for a practical yet traditional finish to your property, and is easy to keep clean and looking fresh. In addition, wooden blinds complement almost any décor, so are a great choice for any environment.

Real wood blinds are durable and operate smoothly, no matter what style you have. Our team are experts when it comes to installing wooden blinds, and will ensure that your blinds are perfectly fitted, no matter what size of window you have or where you need them positioning.

Wooden Blinds by SLX - Styleline Express Blinds

Grimsby Sunblinds are proud to offer a range of Wooden Blinds by SLX, who have been manufacturing beautiful, well-crafted wood blinds for over 15 years. Their blinds evoke the timeless beauty of nature and offer an elegant style statement to any room.

The wooden blinds are manufactured to the highest standards;

> Custom finished to your exact size
> Complementing tape options, for a truly personalised look
> Strong aluminium head rail
> Cord tilt control & Cord lift control
> Matching valance as standard
> Safety cleats for excess cord as standard

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Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds in conservatory in Grimsby

Venetian blinds look particularly striking when constructed using wood, and lend themselves perfectly to the material. As wood is a natural material, each of our wooden Venetian blinds is completely unique and available in a number of different shades, creating an attractive finish.

Whether you’re looking for real wood blinds for your bedroom, kitchen or dining room, the range of wooden blinds we supply and fit here at Grimsby Sunblinds are the perfect choice.

Our years of experience producing and installing blinds translates in beautiful window fittings for your home. Why not call us for a free home visit - 01472 355 398.

Our range of blinds include the following: